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Following the successful workshops at the online Vocal Inspiration course in August, Geoffrey will be leading an online weekly workshop. A series of 5 workshops will be held on Tuesday evenings from 6:30pm to 7:30pm (UK Time).

The workshops will be run online using Zoom, and will be interactive, using presentations and including various audio and video examples.


'Music Appreciation - A link between Classical Music and Art throughout the years' will run from Tuesday 13th of October to Tuesday 10th of November (6:30 - 7:30pm):

13th October – The Baroque Period

20th October – The Classical Period

27th October – Romanticism

3rd November – Impressionism

10th November – The Contemporary Period.



£8.00 per workshop (single class attendance available)

£36.00 per 5 week course

*payments through PayPal

"...Throughout the years, Music and Art have inspired people from all walks of life to connect to a special place and be transported to a world which in many ways feels very different to what we are used to, yet somewhat familiar..."

The course explores the links between music and art across the different periods, focusing on the musical aspect while highlighting some of the striking similarities between the two.  There will be 5 workshops, covering some of the main periods in Classical Western Music - from the Baroque to the Contemporary period. There will be opportunity for participation and discussion throughout the series. 

Please get in touch for further information and to book a place